Dr Zigs Eco Friendly Extraordinary Bubbles

10x Concentrate Giant Bubble Mix

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Ten times concentrate Dr Zigs dragon bubble mix will mix up with water to give you 1-10 or 50 litres of ready-to-go mix.

100 Ml = makes 1 litre 1 litre = makes 10 litres 5 litres = makes 50 litres super strong solution - we believe that no solution comes close to ours. The size, length, longevity and colours are excellent!

These are highly engineered with years of research in every bottle.

The original Dr Zigs giant bubbles – yes! These are the bubbles you’ll have seen on the streets.

Our award-winning bubbles are the original giant bubbles that people all over the world are raving about! So easy, it’s child's play! – Everyone can make giant bubbles with our hand-crafted toys and unbeatable mix.