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DigitalStarter: Coding Architect

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  • deciphering and developing codes
  • concentration and logical thinking
  • spatial awareness and fine motor skills

Pixi has built a great castle out of colorful blocks. But not only that: she deciphered a mysterious code and worked through one step after the other – like a computer following an algorithm! The codes here do not consist of complicated text commands, but show colored building blocks and their coordinates. So the right building is created very easily!Read the coordinate plan, decipher the arranging codes, and then develop your own code for your building and become a Coding Architect! The three degrees of difficulty will have coding beginners and real pixel pros pondering!

Contents: 31 wooden building blocks, 1 coordinate plan, 30 template cards, 179 coding cards, 1 arranging tray, 6 polybags, 1 set of instructions.Material: carton, cardboard, wood. Dimensions arranging tray: 26 x 26 x 2,5 cm.