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Fröbel Marble Game

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  • highly inviting game with a variable degree of difficulty
  • for forming numerous, varied and beautiful Fröbel shapes
  • 10 templates “from point to line” (lines and symmetrical patterns), “from line to area” (area-wide patterns) and “from area to body” (three-dimensional structures)
  • promotes concentration, color differentiation, and understanding of symmetry
  • supports fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial perception

The appealing, clear shape of the ball in the bright colors of the rainbow and the material wood, which Friedrich Fröbel anchored in his educational concept, makes the game particularly inviting. The balls are laid on the board freely or following templates to form lines, patterns, mandalas, and three-dimensional structures. To increase the degree of difficulty, children can also try doing this with pliers or 2 spoons.

Contents: 86 pieces.
36 wooden balls (4.6 cm) in the colors of the rainbow (6 each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet), 1 board (31 x 31 cm), 1 pair of wooden pliers, can be dismantled into 2 spoons, 30 template cards, 1 set of instructions.