Helios: Titan god of the sun, Guardian of Oaths and God of Sight

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Helios: Titan god of the sun, Guardian of Oaths and God of Sight

Helios The Robot is a representation light, warmth, new life and new beginnings, it  offers a tactile and beautiful source of fun and inspiration. 

Teaching children about the foundations of the solar system around them, whilst helping them further their understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and touching on ideas of mystical beings it combines the beauty of nature with the magic of imagination.

Produced from solid White Oak which is painstakingly inlaid with an absolutely stunning African Iroko and finished to an extremely high standard before being sealed with a high strength toy safe lacquer which is then waxed and polished to a high shine.

Arms and head spin freely (but with enough resistance to be posed), legs move through 180 degrees from front to back but again, offer enough resistance for posing. 

This is a robust take on a classic design that allows scope for all manner of imaginary play that will last for years.

15cm, 6 inches tall

Suitable for children under 3, designed for 18months+

CE and UKCA tested


Please note, due to these being made from real wood, appearances will vary. Rest assured, we hand select all of our timber from our supplier and only use the best pieces with the most visually pleasing grain patterns in our toys.

All of our products are made to order, please allow 7 to 14 days for dispatch.