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Let's roll- Pond life

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Here you will see Yellow Door's Pond Life rollers. With this set of rollers the imagination is endless. You can roll and stamp into playdough or clay. As your child roll and stamp into their playdough they will find hidden stories about who lives in and around the pond. Your child can match frogs to lily pads, watch how the dragonfly darts through the rushes. As well as doing masterpieces in sensory art. Children will develop their gross motor skills as they press and roll in a different ways. 

In this set you will find frog and lily pads, fish and weeds, Kingfisher and perch, pond skater and duckweed.

These are made from durable stone mix, each set contains six rollers each measuring 72x 34 mm. They are also easy to clean. These rollers are safe for children aged 2 years onwards.