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Little Wise Box of Maths

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Little Wise Box of Maths

Here you will see The Little Wise Box of Maths is a magnetic educational kit which offers interaction and fun for aged 3-6 years. They will learn all about mathematics. This kit offers an learning experience between home and early years settings as it fully covers the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 of the National Curriuclum. 

In this kit you will find all areas of Early Years Mathematics covers. These include shapes (including 3D shapes), numbers, sizes and distances. This kit comes with a apple magnetic tabs which can be used to make arrays, these are useful tools for children to explore numbers (there is an activity book that you can use as guidance). Furthermore, the kit includes a 1-20 number line. Everything is tidy and compact making it the ideal kit for both traveling and home use. 



An activity book which is filled with ideas to learn all about maths. The ideas include the following, counting, exploring different shapes, distances, lengths and working out sums. 

A A5 magnetic maths tablet.

84 magnetic tabs which include counting apples tabs, number tabs, tabs for exploring shapes and sizes and symbol tabs.