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Little Wise Box of Phonics

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Here you will see The Little Wise Box of Phonics which is a magnetic educational kit. This kit offers an interactive and fun way for children aged 3-6 years to learn how to read. This kit also a interactive, accessible and fun approach to learning how to read. Therefore, it is not necessary for parents or carers to be experts in phonics to be able to help their children with reading. 

 You will find that this kit follows the evidence based synthetic phonics method. Through this method of teaching children learn how to read by letter sounds. Which helps the child develop letters sounds in turn blending together to achieve full pronunciation of words. The great way of following this way of teaching is children will gain the ability to work out the pronunciation of new words for themselves. This kit comes in a tidy and compact A5 sized box making it the perfect travel activity as well as being able to used at home. 


An activity book which will teach different stages of learning how to read. In a step-by-step way making teaching phonics accessible. 

90 multiple magnetic letter tabs

An A5 magnetic word tablet

An A4 individual Alphabet Sounds Poster