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These pikler triangle frames are foldable and are catered for baby, toddler or even the older child. They provide limitless imagination play which means endless hours of fun! They are instructive for Early Years Development. 


  • The climbing frame enhances gross motor development
  • Increases spatial awareness
  • Improves vestibular stimulation (which helps towards development of balancing). 
  • Strengthening limbs
  • Proprioceptive learning
  • Expands the imagination!

The Climbing Piklar are based on the theory of Emma Pikler. She had in depth knowledge of what is needed to develop children's developmental goals as she was a Pediatrician. The approach she created was not only a respectful relationship between adult and child. Also a bonding relationship between adult and child. 

These frames are manufactured from the highest quality birch faced plywood and FSC hardwood dowel. They can be finished in a clear lacquer or paint making which means it is hard wearing and wipeable. Meaning they are long lasting! 

They are available in an Eco Friendly state which means they can be received untreated in a natural form. Allowing the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint.  The wood finish are perfect for little feet and hands. This Eco Friendly option allows the receiver to add any polish, oil or paint of their choosing. 


  • The frame can be locked which means it can be easily stored for adults but hard for children to tip or collapse.
  • These are built for the indoor meaning that play is endless. 
  • Made from Birch Plywood (frame) and FSC hardwood (rungs) construction. 
  • The mass it can hold is 25kg meaning multiple children can use this frame. 
  • Imaginative play is endless. To add an extra element of imaginative play a ramp can be added to the order!


  • Dimensions when in use: 50cm W x 52cm H x 80cm D
  •  Dimensions when folded: 50cm W x 67cm H x 18cm D
  •  Weight 6 kg


  • This frame requires adults. 
  • Children must be supervised at all times. 
  • Please do not used if there are any faulty parts. 
  • When using the frame always ensure that it is on a stable, level surface. 
  • Always keep aware from fire.

If you are using the frame outside, in order to keep the frame in good condition, it is recommended to cover your item when not in use to protect from water and weather damage. Furthermore, it is recommended to re-coat periodically at least once per year with a clear varnish which is suitable for exterior use. 

Due to the nature of Birch faced Plywood (a natural state) the frame may have differences in tones and patterns of the grain. The process of plywood includes the removal of knots from the surface. Jigsaw pieces may replace this which is normal and a result of it being natural. 

Because these frames with the option of Eco Friendly they are hand finished with fine sand paper therefore can splinter. Please check the product regularly to ensure that any rough areas can be simply rubbed down with sandpaper.