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The little wise Sea Life

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Here you will see The little wise Sea Life kit which is a magnetic educational kit. This kit offers an interactive and fun way which supports early years learning for children who are aged 3-6 years. This kit offers a learning bridge between home and early years settings. It is also very fun to interactive with. This kit is aimed to be aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. This kit comes in a tidy and compact box which makes it perfect for traveling as well home use. 


Everything you need to make a sea life collage for instance an A4 folding magnetic board card collage background and magnetic shapes).

A fun filled facts about sea life. 

Also a colouring sheet which will also guide little to complete the collage. 

This kit is very educational informative resource which is filled with ideas of how to use this kit to support learning across the ages of 3-5 years and 5-6 years. An example would be areas based upon numeracy, literacy (which includes a set of colourful illustrated practical tool for promoting read), understanding of the world (geography) which introduces climate change, emotional health and verbal communication. 

This kit is covered with having the Early years Foundation Stage and Key stage 1 in mind. Furthermore, early years practitioners have given their approval.